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Emme Smart Case


The zero-effort way to remember your birth control pills.

Paired with our mobile app, the smart case seamlessly tracks the pills you take—or don’t—and sends custom reminders based on your unique habits. Fits rectangular blister packs containing combination or progestin-only pills (except gel or "extended-cycle" pill packs).

How the smart case works


Tracks your pills

The pills you take get automatically recorded


Syncs up

Your smart case wirelessly updates the mobile app


Sends alerts

Get reminders only when you need them

Your Daily Routine

Personalized reminders keep you on track

  • Get alerts only when you need them
  • No more stressful alarms—or conversations
  • Miss a pill? We'll guide you on what to do
  • Miss a few? Get backup birth control information

Let’s break it down

Automatic tracking

Bluetooth enabled

Custom reminders

Easily insert your pills

Fits 100+ pill brands

Pairs with smartphone

Timing Is Everything

Good habits make good months

Regular timing keeps the pill working right. As in, no major unplanned surprises. It also may help prevent the common side effects, like headaches or nausea, that come with hormone dips and surges.

What's inside

Your smart case arrives in beautiful, fully recyclable packaging. Inside you'll find:

  • Your Emme Smart Case
  • User guide for easy setup
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Athena sticker

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