Good habits make good months.

Regular timing keeps the pill working right.

As in, no major unplanned surprises. It also helps prevent the common side effects, like headaches or nausea, that come with hormone dips and surges.

With the Emme app, you’ll always know when you took your last pill and when to take the next.

A missing or late period can be nervewracking.

Trying to remember when you last had your period, and when you last had sex, and also when or whether you missed a pill?

Emme solves all of this for you.

See when you last had sex, whether you missed a pill, and when you last had your period. Emme lets you know at a glance.

Taking the pill can affect everything from your hair to skin to your sexual satisfaction.

Your month at a glance shows you day-by-day relationships between your body, flow, mood & sex

Missed a pill?

If you take the birth control pill, chances are you’ve forgotten one or two (or three) before. Emme reduces missed and late pills and advises on how to be careful when you miss one.

The Emme App has a 4.7 rating

by real Emme users for a reason... It works!

  • I am TERRIBLE at taking pills, so I always knew that “the pill” would be difficult for me to take consistently (which is kinda the whole point!) I bought this case and immediately started a 7 month perfect streak (and counting!) Total lifesaver. Also - I don’t leave app reviews, I just had to spread the word and encourage someone who’s on the fence. 10/10 worth every penny. :)

  • Sincerely i was trying to find an app to track my birth control pill at the same time tracking my period with NO ADDS. THIS IS THE APP 💖🥹

  • I am obsessed with this app and it has helped me track my birth control for over four months now. It’s very reliable and it keeps all of my information very nicely... I highly recommend it if you are looking for a birth control app.

Get the Emme app

The Emme app is available for the iOS iPhone at the Apple App Store.

Click here, or search the App Store for "Emme"!

Get an integrated view of your cycle to see how your pill, period, and body affect your month.

Take your habits to the next level

Wondering if taking the Pill is helping with issues you’ve been having with acne, cramping, headaches or other things? Track characteristics to monitor what’s happening with your mood, sex, body and flow.

• See an integrated view of your cycle to see how your pill, period, and body affect your month.

• Anticipate changes week to week based on your body patterns to plan for self-care.

• Have a tracking record to refer to when communicating with your healthcare professionals.

• Minimize surprises and establish self-care routines to alleviate discomfort.

Emme celebrates your success with you!

With Emme, you will get better at remembering to take your pill and your health tracking (yay!). So, Emme recognizes your accomplishments with badges and feedback.

Combine the Emme App with a beautiful Emme Smart Case and get a powerful tool for consistent pill tracking success.

The Emme Smart Case Advantage:

Track birth control pills automatically with the Emme app + Emme Smart Case.

The Emme System Changes Everything

  • Connect the Dots

    See patterns between your pill-taking and your body so you can confidently manage your month.

  • Not just a pretty case

    Purchase the case to upgrade your Emme app experience. Portable, gorgeous and completely automatic. The smart case records the pills you take—and the ones you don’t—for seamless tracking in the app.

  • Emme takes data privacy very seriously.

    Privacy by Design

    The data from the Emme case and app has been designed from day one to be private. Emme has never, and will never, sell your data. Period.