Emme is more than just a medication tracker.

Sometimes you want to get a view of your health without thinking about yourself as a performance score.

Emme doesn’t judge you, shame you, or share your health data.

We track up to 63 different characteristics of your day to day health, measuring only the variables that you want to follow to track your physical and mental health.

And what we don’t track is as important as what we do track: we don’t track your weight or exercise levels or berate you for the days you miss.

Get an integrated view of your cycle to see how your pill, period, and body affect your month.

Take your habits to the next level

You're a whole person and your hormones can affect everything from your hair to your skin to your sexual satisfaction. That's why Emme can show you your month at a glance, and let you click through day by day to watch the progress of your health and habits. We give you the information, and you decide what to do with it.

The Emme System Changes Everything

  • Connect the Dots

    See patterns between your pill-taking and your body so you can confidently manage your month.

  • Not just a pretty case

    Purchase the case to upgrade your Emme app experience. Portable, gorgeous and completely automatic. The smart case records the pills you take—and the ones you don’t—for seamless tracking in the app.

  • Emme takes data privacy very seriously.

    Privacy by Design

    The data from the Emme case and app has been designed from day one to be private. Emme has never, and will never, sell your data. Period.

Try the Emme App

Get pill reminders and tracking with the Emme app and see — if like our Emme app users — you too miss fewer pills.

The Emme app sign-up is as simple as it gets and Emme never has or ever will, sell or share your data.

Download the app and choose 1-free month to try it out: