You always know if you've taken your birth control pill with Emme.

On the pill? Miss fewer pills with the Emme Smart System

Using the Emme app + Smart Case together reduced missed pills by 80% in testing

  • Emme works with 100+ types of birth control pills

  • 4.7 avg. rating on Apple App Store by real Emme users

Emme sends friendly reminders at the time you set. Take your pill on time and stay on target

Need a nudge? No problem. Get a 2nd and 3rd reminder only if you need it

The Emme app keeps track

Emme knows IF and WHEN you took your pill. See at a glance where it's at... And so much more.

Emme App + Emme Smart Case = incredible automatic pill tracking power

Taking your birth control pill on time every day increases the effectiveness of the pill to 99.9%

Emme's proven success will help you take your pill on time

Read What Our Users Say About Emme

  • "I think it's an amazing app!

    It's the most important app on my phone, and I never miss my pill which I used to always miss."

  • "This is the best birth control reminder app I've tried.

    Great design, plus reminders with personality. I love the ability to set times for second and third reminders. The mood/body/flow tracking features are also really helpful. Just got my smart case and it seems like such a well-designed, functional piece of technology that's going to make life easier."

  • “I mostly am on the pill as a mood stabilizer,

    so I’m trying to do a better job keeping track of it and taking it on time. I’ve only been using it (and the Smart Case) for couple of weeks, and I love it! I also love that I can track things like when I have my period, my mood, how my body is feeling—it’s helping me to stay mindful, and I know it will be useful down the road.”

  • I am obsessed with this app

    and it has helped me track my birth control for over four months now. It’s very reliable and it keeps all of my information very nicely. although it’s a very nice looking and productive app... I highly recommend it if you are looking for a birth control app.

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