Birth Control Pills

$0 - 30 monthly

Skip the pharmacy—it’s kind of a boss move. Birth control pills are $0 with most insurance or $15-30 when you pay cash. Start your subscription online and manage everything in the app.

  • Automatic refills
  • Choose from 100+ pill brands
  • Pause or cancel anytime

How pill delivery works.


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Sign up to transfer a current prescription.


Build Profile

Add health and payment details in the app.


Auto Refill

Get pill packs delivered on your schedule.

Right pill.

With or without insurance. Birth control pills are free under most plans, and as low as $15 per month when you pay cash.

  • Ortho-Novum
  • Ortho Tricyclen
  • Nordette
  • Novum Bicyclen

We like having options, too.

In the world of birth control pill selection, more is more. We offer over a hundred types of pill—brand name and generic.

Just to name a few:

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Your cycle your choice.

The case, pills and app are designed to work together, or on their own, to help keep your cycle on point.

Most effective

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