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Women’s health in women’s hands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put women’s health in women’s hands. We’re starting with the birth control pill, because missed pills, hormone imbalance, and unplanned pregnancy are all too common parts of the pill experience. From smoother periods to clear skin to pregnancy prevention, the pill has a hand in it all. We decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and design a system that really works.

Who are we?

Optimists with a plan

We are a group of ambitious engineers, passionate feminists and fierce advocates, working together to make healthcare what it should be for millions of women—seamless, connected and decided by her.

Amanda French
Co-founder, CEO
Colin Liotta
Chief Technology Officer
Rosa Ziebell
Chief Marketing Officer
Ana Raquel Jiménez
UI/UX Designer
Matt Stephens
Mechanical Engineer
Daniela Kohls
Senior Software Engineer
Caitlin Zigthor
Marketing Manager
Mary Trentadue

Ready to make an impact?

Lovers, fighters, sisters, friends.