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Emme Smart Birth Control Case + App
Emme Smart Birth Control Case + App

Game-changing tech for people on the pill

More confidence. Less anxiety. Fewer missed pills.

Step One

Download the Emme app

Download the Emme app to set up your pill pack and start tracking your mood, flow, and more. Get rewarded with celebratory badges designed to help you stay in sync with your cycle.

Free on iOS and Android.

Step Two

Get your Smart Case

Experience effortless pill-taking with our award-winning Emme Smart Case. It automatically detects when you remove a pill and records it in the app—like magic. Proven to reduce missed pills by 80%.

Comes in five gorgeous colors, with real gold embellishments crafted by a boutique jeweler.

Why Emme?

  • Patented technology, built in California
  • Materials sourced from top-tier ethical suppliers
  • HIPAA-compliant (we will never sell or share your personal data)
  • 30-day return policy

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