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birth control prescription app
birth control prescription app

This app changes everything

Say hello to the Emme Pill & Health Tracker App. Designed to keep you on track with your birth control pills plus a lot more. Available for FREE — download today.

Finally, a better way to birth control

Build better habits and reduce side effects

Get real-time guidance when you miss a pill

Track your flow, mood, cycle and more

Get clear insights into your hormone cycle

Take charge of your birth control

The app automatically notifies you when it’s time to take the pill, so you can have peace of mind.

  • Effective — Proven to reduce missed pills by 80%
  • Customizable — Discreet, personalized reminders, only when you need them
  • Supportive — If you are at-risk of pregnancy, get information from CDC on what to do
  • Effortless — The app adjusts with your time zone when traveling

Connect the dots and get in sync with your cycle

See patterns between your pill-taking and your body so you can confidently manage your month.

  • Track your flow, body, sex, and mood
  • Anticipate when you are likely to experience migraines, cramps, or other symptoms
  • Educational articles available on-the-go

Daily health check-ins


Is your period light, medium, or heavy?


Are you hungry, in pain, breaking out?


Is your drive high, low, or neutral?


Feeling confident, scattered, or just meh?

Building healthy habits doesn’t have to be a chore

Emme wants to help you with your birth control habit achievements, so we created celebratory badges for every milestone where you improve.

  • Commitment — You're improving your habits
  • Connection — You're focused on your goals
  • Awareness — You're knowing your body better

Lovers, fighters, friends.