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birth control prescription app
birth control prescription app

The daily app for a better month.

Pill and cycle tracking - for a better view into your overall health.

We’re here for you.

Build better daily birth control pill habits.

Get real-time guidance when you miss pills.

Track your flow, mood, cycle and more.

Get clear insights into your hormone cycle.

Better habits.

Tame your birth control pill timing, with a little help. The app lets you track your daily pill pattern and sends custom reminders to keep you on point.

  • Fewer missed pills.
  • Reduced side effects.
  • Improved peace of mind.
  • Better daily timing.

Real Support.

We’ve built an inclusive, share-worthy resource for all people with cycles. Our app is designed with input from hundreds of real women and their experiences.

  • Information for managing missed pills.
  • Contraceptive advice based on CDC guidelines.
  • Reminders auto-update when you change time zones.
  • Educational articles available on-the-go.

Clear cycles.

Hormone balance doesn’t have to be a mystery. Cycle tracking helps you understand your month and what it means for your physical, mental and emotional health.

  • Track flow, moods, and side effects.
  • Anticipate changes week to week.
  • Connect the dots between your pill and your body.
  • Take charge of your own health.

Lovers, fighters, sisters, friends.